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This 1983 Land Rover Series III was recently imported from England and is one of the last years for the Series vehicles before Land Rover introduced the Defender.  It is in very good mechanical condition and a full factory recommended service and inspection has been carried out on the vehicle.  The work performed includes but is not limited to:


  • Cooling system flush and refill
  • New heater core
  • New thermostat
  • New temperature sender
  • Heater distribution box rebuild
  • Dashboard electrics refurbished W/ new switches and bulbs
  • All fluids and filters changed
  • Rear driveshaft rebuilt
  • Front drive hubs replaced
  • Vacuum lines replaced
  • Spark plugs replaced
  • Carburetor adjusted for idle and mixture
  • 5 new matching all-terrain tires


Mechanically the truck is in turn-key condition and can be driven anywhere.  There are a few small oil leaks that do not cause measurable fluid loss between service intervals.  The truck also has a new interior which includes new seats, center console, carpet set and molded rubber floor mats.  The dashboard has been rebuilt and the metal parts re-painted.  The cowl vents were also refurbished including new rubber gaskets.  The heater and ventilation controls have been refurbished as well and work properly.  The new heater core produces plenty of heat for the truck which is rare for an older Land Rover. Structurally the truck is in very good condition with only minor surface rust on a few small spots on the chassis.  Some frame corrosion was repaired professionally in the UK and the frame and underbody was coated with Waxoyl as a corrosion protectant, the coating is still in very good condition.


The body on the truck is in good condition with no rust or corrosion issues.  The door bottoms, which are a common point of failure on the older Rovers are in good shape with no rust-through.  The footwells have been repaired in the past and are solid and in good condition.  The bulkhead (firewall) is in very good condition with no rust-through, which is also a common problem with older Land Rovers. All glass is  original and in good condition with no chips or cracks.  The rubber door seals have been replaced and are in good condition.  The paint is in fair condition with some oxidation from the sun on the horizontal surfaces that could be buffed out.  The paint job is an older re-paint and there are some small dime to nickel sized spots where the paint has flaked off to the original paint.  The worst area is on the rear door.  There are two areas I have identified where some amateur body work has been done that could stand to be re-done.  One is n the front drivers side fender, the other is on the rear tub near a wheel well.  The body has multiple small dents that are to be expected with a utility vehicle of this age.


The truck includes an original owners manual, lug wrench, and hand crank for the engine.  The rear load space of the truck has been professionally lined with aluminum chequer plate for durability when carrying loads.  There is a folding bench seat with seatbelt in the back of the truck.  This vehicle has the enclosed roof and cap, but if the new owner would like it supplied with a canvas convertible top that can be arranged for additional cost.  The vehicle is in stock condition and configuration but If any other accessories or modifications are desired by the buyer that can be arranged before the vehicle is delivered.  The truck can be delivered anywhere and I can arrange shipping. Thank you for looking and please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this vehicle.


  • Registration date: 2016
  • Condition: New
  • Exterior Color: silver
  • Interior Color: black
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drivetrain: FWD
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